OEM iPhone XR Original Capacity Battery | High-Quality Wholesale Supply from Manufacturer in China

Introducing the iPhone XR original capacity battery, manufactured by Huizhou Kara Manda Electronic Co., Ltd. in China. As a leading supplier and manufacturer in the electronic industry, our factory is proud to offer this high-quality replacement battery for the iPhone XR. Made with original capacity, this battery ensures long-lasting power and reliable performance for your device. With advanced technology and rigorous testing, our original capacity battery for the iPhone XR is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether you need to replace an old or worn-out battery, or simply want a backup for emergencies, our product is the perfect solution. You can trust in the expertise and experience of our team at Huizhou Kara Manda Electronic Co., Ltd. to provide you with top-notch electronic components and accessories. Upgrade your iPhone XR with our original capacity battery and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your device will always have the power it needs.
  • Introducing the iPhone XR original capacity battery replacement! If you're experiencing decreased battery life and performance with your iPhone XR, it may be time to consider replacing the battery with an original capacity battery. This replacement battery is designed to restore your phone's power and efficiency to its original state, ensuring that you can rely on your device throughout the day without constantly searching for a charger. Our original capacity battery for the iPhone XR is made with high-quality materials and is rigorously tested to meet Apple's standards for performance and safety. It is designed to provide the same level of power and reliability as the battery that originally came with your phone, so you can trust that it will deliver the performance you expect. Replacing your iPhone XR battery with an original capacity battery is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your device and avoid the expense of purchasing a new phone. With easy installation and a long-lasting performance, our replacement battery will have your iPhone XR running like new again. Don't let a worn-out battery hold you back – upgrade to the iPhone XR original capacity battery replacement and enjoy a longer-lasting, more reliable power source for your device. Say goodbye to constantly searching for a charger, and hello to uninterrupted phone usage with our premium replacement battery.
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