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Buy custom High Capacity iPhone XR battery at factory wholesale price from Kara Manda!

You can not only customize the design of iphone XR battery parameter information, but also customize the design of packaging.

Whichever design you choose, our Kara Manda team will create it for you. You can quickly make a customized High Capacity iPhone battery, choose the customized logo, parameters, printed text color and packing box and choose other services we provide for iPhone battery customers.

If you need design-related assistance, we can also help you for free.

Products Details

Brand Kara Manda/OEM

iPhone XR High Capacity

Battery Cell Grade A+++
High Capacity


Standard Voltage 3.82V
Limited Voltage 4.35V
Type Standard battery, Lithium battery, Rechargeable battery
Working Temperature -20~50℃
charge cycle More than 500 times
charging time 2-4 hour
Standby time 3-7 days
IC Brand Texas Instrument(TI)
PCB board R&D by our engineer team
Warranty 12months
Certification CE, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, PSE,IEC62133, ROHS, MSDS, ISO9001 etc

Customize your LOGO/You can also customize your company LOGO

iPhone XR models of high capacity battery type take black as the main battery color, and have a unique design appearance of shape. The integrated structure contains 1 battery core and 1 protection board.

Each battery is equipped with a beautiful outer box packaging, battery lining and parts package to better protect and install your battery.

Safety, Kara Manda iPhone XR high capacity battery has CE,FCC. ROHS, PSE, MSDS, UN38.3 and other safety certificates, and the product safety and quality are more guaranteed.

Heat protection and high temperature resistance, ordinary batteries are prone to various heating situations during use. Kara Manda batteries improve these 1 situations on this basis, and Kara Manda iPhone XR high capacity batteries to prevent high temperatures.

Super standby time and battery capacity: Kara Manda iPhone XR high capacity batteries have longer standby time and battery life.

This is an OEM High Capacity iPhone XR Battery replacement. It is the replacement needed when your phone’s battery no longer holds its charge long enough.

Best quality, Kara Manda Replacement Battery For iPhone XR.

Provide a large number of high-definition product pictures and videos to help dealers sell better

China's leading wholesale mobile phone battery and customized mobile phone battery manufacturer 

Kara Manda makes it easy for businesses to design and order custom iphone batteries and affordable mobile phone battery boxes online. Get premium batteries, battery accessories, cases and more for just about anything you need.

With fast customization and turnaround, there's a reason we're a leading iphone battery manufacturer.

Kara Manda thinks outside the box and builds better custom services. We offer free custom designs and fast shipping to all of our customers.

We provide one-stop solutions for mobile phone battery distributors and factories all over the world.

Product certification provided by different countries

Support battery OEM ODM customization service, can customize color, logo, etc.

Technical support such as battery installation

Product packaging can be designed exclusively for free

24-hour one-on-one professional online consulting service to solve any questions you have about the battery

Provide battery semi-finished products and accessories sales, protection boards, batteries cell or battery repair flex

Provide real-time factory production video, you can know any progress about your battery

Sign an exclusive distribution contract to protect the dealer market

High quality battery with customer's own brand and label

Accept batch sales of battery semi-finished products and accessories, protection boards, batteries cell or battery repair flex

Support door-to-door delivery

Provide technical support such as battery data

Support battery OEM ODM customization service, can customize color, logo, etc.

Product certification provided by different countries

Individual packing boxes for bulk accessories, and the packaging supports customization

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The normal standby time of the iPhone XR high capacity battery is about 3-7 days, the number of cycles exceeds 500, and it can work normally at -20~50 ℃.

The iPhone XR high capacity battery can support fast charging.

The life percentage of iPhone XR high capacity battery can be viewed in Settings-Battery-Battery Health

It shows that health is 100%. Kara Manda factory has professional battery power testing instruments to ensure that every 1 battery is new, healthy and fully charged.

iPhone XR original capacity battery: 3030mAh 3.82V

iPhone XR high capacity battery: 3500mAh 3.82V

iPhone XR high capacity battery is the 1 high capacity battery developed on the basis of the original capacity, which increases the battery capacity, service life and durability on the basis of the original battery.

Kara Manda is an experienced and professional iPhone battery manufacturer and supplier in China,

Kara Manda battery successfully developed iPhone XR original capacity and iPhone XR high capacity based on original batteries to produce alternative batteries. 

The process of iPhone battery from production to data testing, printing, product packaging and final shipment is completed by the Kara Manda factory.

Regarding iPhone XR battery high capacity LOGO customization, parameter customization and outer packaging LOGO customization, we have professional machine production equipment, automatic production workshop, senior designers and product research and development department, which can provide you with professional integrated customization services such as developing product molds, customizing your brand battery logo, outer packaging Logo design, fast delivery, etc.

Whether you are a reseller or a repair shop owner, buying the best full capacity iPhone XR battery, which lasts longer is quite important for you.

Kara Manda has been a professional mobile phone battery manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 10 years, supplying iPhone XR batteries with high quality and different capacity.

Kara Manda batteries include high quality original iPhone XR battery, high capacity iPhone XR battery (100% full capacity best replacement battery) (with original protection circuit module).

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